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Conference "Active consumer – Vulnerable consumer"

Conference "Active consumer – Vulnerable consumer"

Co-organised by ENTSO-E, National Energy Action and the Florence School of Regulation


The Clean Energy for all Europeans package rightly emphasises the need to put the customer at the centre of the energy system. Customers need to be better informed and have more choices, and for customers to be more active and access all markets, dynamic prices are needed.

However, more than 50 million of EU households are considered energy poor or vulnerable. They rightly expect new legislation to protect them. Some argue regulated prices are the solution to address energy poverty. But avoiding customers receiving the right price signals may prevent active customers to rise.

The conference will ilustrate initaitives which have researched energy vulnerability and poverty with focus on the SMART-UP project which will be presented by Marina Varvesi from AISFOR.

Are measures for active customers, negative for vulnerable customers? What concrete projects has the EU funded to help vulnerable customers make use of new technologies to reduce energy bills? Is the newly established EU energy poverty observatory a good step on the EU fight against energy poverty? What are the provisions for active and for vulnerable customers in the new package? What should be emphasized in addition?

The panel includes all parties: from the industry to consumers’ organisation, from policy makers to researchers.

The session will take place on June 5 from 14h00-15h30 at the Residence Palace, Room ‘Maelbeek’.

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