Mission and values


AISFOR, formed by its members in early 2005, has the corporate mission to provide assistance and advice to its clients to optimize their organization, operation and productivity through training and consulting activities. The missionis based on the belief that it is important, both for public bodies and private companies,to invest in the training and updating of the human resources as well as in the definition and implementation of innovative and development actions.

Building on this idea, AISFOR assists its clients in evaluating, defining and implementing activities to train and qualify the staff and to carry out initiatives for innovation and development. The goal of AISFOR is to allow its clients to meet their training and technological needs also by taking advantage of the funds available through the funding programmes at European, national and regional level.

The company's mission is pursued through the implementation of the following activities:

- consulting and technical assistance for access and management of European national and regional funding for innovation;

- development, management and organization of vocational training activities.

Since 2005, AISFOR attended and supported public bodies and private companies in the various steps of structuring and submitting project proposals in various sectors to request financial contribution within the main European and national programs.

AISFOR has also assisted many SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) in the identification and preparation of business plans, the strengthening of the enterprise and the successfull request of funds for the implementation of their plans.

  • Corrado Milito

    Responsabile servizi di formazione e lavoro

  • Massimo Bianchini

    Responsabile sede formativa accreditata

  • Marina Varvesi

    Responsabile progetti europei

  • Virginia Dicuonzo

    Project Assistant

  • Diana Zimelli

    Project Assistant

  • Davide Parziale

    Project Assistant

  • Pierpaolo Romano

    Project Assistant

  • Federica Petraroli

    Project Comunication Officer

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