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5th of July 2021: first Focus Group to start the co-creation of the European network of HEAs

The Focus Group with European actors will be held on the 5th of July 2021 to start the discussion on the creation of the European Secretariat, having the aim to coordinate the action and networking of associations on the territories of the different Member States fihting energy poverty.
The focus group will involve the partners of the SUITE project (AISFOR, Ecoserveis, Climate Alliance; Cluster de l 'Energia Eficient de Catalunya) and representatives of associations and networks from different European countries.
The creation of a European network is developed within the SUITE project, which foresees the scalability at national and European level of the ASSIST model, already successfully adopted in the homonimous European project .
The networking of HEA operators already trained, and the training of new subjects are the core of this new European entity, which will be able to maintain the link with the communities through national networks guaranteeing direct support action on the territory and at the time, through the European secretariat, act at a para-institutional level to inform, carry out support actions for policy makers, share best practices and participate in new projects.

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